Les 4 Temps has just launched its new “Unexpected Shopping” communication campaign and is a stand-out success as an exceptional centre offering unique shopping experiences. We have spotlighted young designers who have worked with us on this campaign and who have managed to capture the unexpected.

Portrait gallery of these “Unexpected Talents” ...



Fountain pens, pearls, turquoises, jewellery, headdresses, legends… The bestiary at the HARPO store, right in the heart of Paris, offers the best of Native-American craft, fully honouring the philosophy and beliefs of the Native Americans. source of inspiration for the fashion world – just look at the Chanel fashion show in Dallas. Take, for example, this delicate headdress with its pearls and feathers – it's stunning! You almost want to take off and head out over the open plain… Fashion as a means of communication, a kind of exchange. Leyre Valiente has chosen to address the world through her art, just like a painter: “We sew instead of paint, but it's not all that different. It is also art.” This inspired young talent is into absolutely everything – wedding and evening dresses, and also ready-to-wear, bathing costumes, jewellery and accessories… Everything she touches turns to gold and rewards and offers of partnerships come raining in. She has just unveiled her autumn-winter collection for Confluence – striking yet timeless.


Photographs: Cédric Viollet

Design: Clémence Cahu


Philippe has all the discretion of a fair-minded and talented man. When shooting the “Unexpected Shopping” campaign, his inspiration created, from the depths of his workshop, the most exciting, and most… unexpected designs. Philippe was trained by the French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and the Higher Institute of Applied Arts, worked at Comme des Garçons and now heads up his own line KOV3 – he takes a fresh, honest look at fashion. His gifts to this So Ouest campaign are breath of fresh air and a sense of making new discoveries with each passing season. Photographs: Cédric Viollet Design: Clémence Cahu